Get To Know More About The Little Known Covesville Area Of Virginia

Covesville is found in Albemarle County of Virginia. Its geographic description is within a valley or cove between the Boaz and Heards Mountains towards the north and west, as well as the Fan and Brush Mountains towards the south and the east. Covesville is located about 15.7 miles southwest of Charlottesville.

One of the reasons why there isn’t much information about it is because it is an unincorporated community. This means that it is not governed by a municipal corporation and therefore has no official boundaries or regular collection of information about it. It is a rural community or village, covering about 1,307 acres.


Covesville was recognized as a community in 1828 when the first post office was constructed. However, there was a railroad that passed through it before 1822, and this was the reason why Covesville initially had a linear shape along this route. However, the presence of the railroad and the orchard industry caused the community to grow and expand.


There are several farmsteads with agricultural fields within Covesville, as well as farms and orchards around the area that support the community.


Covesville is listed as one of the historic locations in the National Register of Historic Places, and is officially recognized as Covesville Historic District. All the historic buildings in the area are constructed using timber in the form of logs and wood frames, as well as masonry. These buildings can be found along the road on small lots and others are on larger farm tracts that are secluded. They were used for different purposes including commercial, educational, agricultural and even domestic.

Visitors that are interested in historic architectural designs will find the buildings in Covesville of great interest, since they boast historic architectural styles. Some of these styles include Greek Revival, Classical Revival, Gothic Revival, and Queen Anne styles among others. The types of buildings tourists can expect to see are barns, smokehouses, tenant houses and sheds. A visit to Covesville will definitely give any visitor a sense of a trip back in time thanks to the way that these features have been preserved in their original forms.

There are several vineyards near Covesville where wine lovers can visit, including the Brent Manor Vineyards which is 3.3 miles away, DelFosse Vineyards and Winery which is 3.4 miles away (both are in Faber, Virginia) and the Loving Cup Vineyard and Winery in North Garden, only 4.4 miles away among others.

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