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Charlottesville – The City of Rich History and Richer Wines

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With deep historic significance and lush vineyard views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville and the surrounding areas host travelers from around the world to sample their wines, relax in the bucolic countryside and share their pride in Virginia’s wine making heritage. Virginia wine tours have become a popular attraction for visitors far and wide. Surprisingly, ordering a glass of Virginia wine was unheard of three decades ago, even though the state is considered the birthplace of American wine.

Jefferson’s Heritage

Thomas Jefferson is often referred to as the father of Virginia’s wines and wineries. He was the first to take winemaking from the province of backyard hobbyists with a few vines to acres of vineyards and a focus on refining exceptional varietals. He believed that the United States could make as great a variety of wines as those in Europe. Unfortunately, his efforts at planting vineyards were in vain, and winemaking would not become significant for another two at vineyardcenturies, when it hit its stride in Albemarle County in the mid 1970s.

Today, after about 40 years of winemakers intensively learning the land and the distinct characters of generations of vines, wines from the Monticello American Viticultural Area, which was named for Jefferson’s home, are ranked among the best produced anywhere in the Eastern United States. In fact, Jefferson’s Monticello home is America’s only site listed on the World Register of Historic Places.

The Jeffersonian Wine Grape Growers’ Society, the active association that includes the highest number of Virginia wineries, boasts 30 wineries, all found within a 25 mile radius of Charlottesville that produce wines of both national and global acclaim. This award-winning excellence is largely attributed to the area’s topography.

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Time and elements have eroded the ancient mountains that once existed all around Charlottesville to create rolling hills that yield wines of incredible complexity. The slight variations in altitude, aspect, soil and light create the subtle differences in grapes from vine to vine. Some of the most accomplished and respected winemakers alive today are found in Charlottesville.


Virginia’s landscape and climate are generally conducive to growing high-quality fruit. The grape growing season starts in late March or early April and runs through late August to mid-October. Most of the soils in the state have adequate water-holding capacity and nutrient content that supports the growth of grapes, although the success of grapes has more to do with climate than soil type.

One of the greatest challenges to the Virginia wine industry is the weather, which supports grape growth but can also turn on a moment’s notice. Extended dry periods, extreme cold or heat, strong winds and excessive rainfall all have an impact on grape quality.

Even so, with the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west and the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean to the East, Charlottesville is spectacularly well suited to the ancient art of viticulture. There are over 20 vineyards, breweries and cideries dotting the Albemarle County countryside.

Charlottesville wine tours and other attractions

Charlottesville has evolved over the centuries to become a colorful, vibrant city overflowing with charm and character. The city and its surroundings offer a wealth of activities and attractions for all interests and ages. Fortunately spared the brunt of the American Civil War, much of Charlottesville’s original architecture has been preserved to date, so visitors can wander the halls, paths and streets of the historical city to witness the legacy of those that built it.


Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains’ foothills, the beauty of Charlottesville is second only to the natural surroundings cradling it. The city is home to a vibrant and progressive community and in addition to the Charlottesville wine tours, you can also enjoy fine art museums, theater, symphony and operatic productions, equestrian events and the popular Virginia Film Festival. However, the most noted characteristic of the area is its stunning natural beauty and magnificent surroundings.

Taking a Charlottesville wine tour is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the portfolio of wines that balance the very best of Old and New World style. You will find bright, medium-bodied wines that can be enjoyed on their own or with food. All these are produced by small, family-run wineries with a passion for what they do and the enthusiasm to share it.

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