What Do You Know About Esmont Virginia?

Many people know very little about Esmont, Virginia. However, Esmont is a census-designated place within Albemarle County in Virginia. It is located approximately 7 miles on the northwestern side of Scottsville, and also neighbors Charlottesville. It consists of farmlands and the area is rich in agricultural activity.


Esmont was named after the former Esmont plantation, which is still a farmland today. It was characterized by fertile red soil – the primary reason why farming was and still is being practiced in the area. The plantation owners that were there before the Civil War enjoyed the benefits of the rich soil and later, African Americans purchased the plantations after the war was over. They were generally subsistence farmers and were able to support themselves through this.

Initially, farming was the dominant occupation; however, opportunities became available for employment in different sectors including education, healthcare, construction and even the military. Most of the African Americans in Esmont experienced segregation and racism, while a few others did not feel the brunt of the discrimination.

A post office was opened at the end of the 19th century despite the fact that Esmont was populated since the mid-18th century.

Population and Income

According to the national census carried out in America in 2010, the population of Esmont was 528 people. Data USA shows that in 2015, the median age was 29.4 years, with 259 White residents and 256 Black residents. Data USA also indicated that the median household income was $24,894 while the median property value was found to be $121,700.


Owing to the fact that the area represents some of the rich history of America, there are several places listed on the U.S National Register of Historic Places. One of them is an estate house called Esmont. It was built around the year 1818 for Dr. Charles Cocke. It is built in the antique design known as the Jeffersonian Style. The other structures on the estate are a brick kitchen, an office, a dairy as well as a smokehouse. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

The other historical site in Esmont is the Guthrie Hall, which is a historic mansion with a beautiful entrance that is bound to give you the experience of the early 1900s. It was constructed in 1901, designed with the best styles of those days. It was added to the Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Another historic place that was added to the National Register in 1980 is the Mountain Grove, also known as the Benjamin Harris House. It was built in 1803/1804 in the Jeffersonian style. At the same location, there is a ruined 19th century kitchen that visitors might enjoy.

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