Travelling To Free Union? Here’s What You Should Know

Free Union is found in Albemarle County, in the American state of Virginia. It is recognized as a census-designated place and is governed by a municipal authority.  It is located approximately ten miles to the north north-western side of Charlottesville. It is a little town that can be described as a hamlet. Although there are a few social amenities, it is a rural area for the most part.


The story of Free Union begins in the mid-18th century, when people started settling in the area. It was not always known as Free Union though. The area was originally called Nicksville, after a blacksmith named Nick who had established a blacksmith’s shop in the area early in the 19th Century.

Later on, however, a post office was set up in the area and the name of the town had to be changed to Free Union so that there would be no confusion with the other post office in Albemarle County called Nixville.  “Free Union” was derived from the Free Union Church built in 1837, where all races were welcome and four Christian denominations worshipped together.

Population and Income

Since it is a census designated place, the American census of 2010 revealed that it had a population of 193 people. Later statistics from Data USA show that the population had grown to 358 by the year 2015, and the median age was 51.1 years. The median household income was approximated to be $82,159, which represented a 33.1% growth from the previous year. In the same year (2015), the working population had grown by 37.6% from 2014 to 183 people.


For those that love history and historical sites, there is one in Free Union known as the Ballard-Maupin House. It is also called Plainview Farm. The main part of the house was constructed between 1750 and 1790. It was initially a one-storey house with an attic.  An extension was made around 1800-1820 and later in the 19th century, some changes were made. There are other buildings in the same compound. The house was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Wine lovers will be delighted to learn that there is a winery in Free Union, known as Glass House Winery. It is found within the Monticello Wine Trail and on the extensive Appellation Trail. Here visitors will enjoy handcrafted Virginia wines and chocolates. Wine tasting is made all the more enjoyable since it is set up overlooking the lake and the dock. Accommodation is available at the Glass House Winery Bed and Breakfast facility close by.

There are several other wineries and vineyards around Free Union for visitors that would like to explore the rich Virginia vineyards. Some of them include Knights Gambit Vineyard, Mountfair Vineyards, Adventure Farm, Moss Vineyards and Stinson Vineyards among others.

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