Facts About Greenwood Virginia You Should Know

Greenwood is an unincorporated community in Albemarle County of Virginia. This means that it doesn’t have a municipal government and operates the way a local community would.  However, there are 13 states that have a census designated place called Greenwood. These are Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Arkansas. As such, it is important to be specific when referring to Greenwood.

Significant Places

Despite the fact that Greenwood is an unincorporated community, it has some cool places to visit. One of them is the Greenwood Community Center, where there is a Roller Skating rink. It is the only place with this facility in Greenwood. Visitors that love skating can have fun and relax here. It can also provide space for first timers to learn skating.

There is an abandoned tunnel that played a significant role in railroad transport before World War II known as the Greenwood Tunnel. It served the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. It is near the tracks of the Buckingham Branch Railroad.

For visitors interested in exploring historic places within Greenwood, there are several registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Emmanuel Church is one of them, and has been in the Virginia Landmarks Register since 1981. It is an old Episcopal church built in 1863. The first service was held on Christmas Day of that year.

Another historic place to visit is Mirador, which is a historic home near Greenwood that was constructed in 1842 and refurbished in the 1920s. There are several other buildings at the same location that were constructed before the American Civil War including a brick kitchen, smokehouse, a corner house and a brick stable. There are also other farm buildings nearby. This home was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and later into the Virginia Landmarks Register in 2002.

Visitors might also consider another historic site near Greenwood known as the Seven Oaks Farm and Black’s Tavern. It has a historic home and a farm complex in the same compound. The main house was built between 1847 and 1848 and Black’s Tavern was moved to the Mirador historic home. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in December 1989 and the Virginia Landmarks Register earlier in June of the same year.

Interested in a wine tour or vineyard tour? There are several vineyards to visit within the surrounding area of Greenwood. They include Pollak Vineyards, King Family Vineyards, Turk Mountain Vineyards, Valley Road Vineyards and Veritas Winery, which are all within 5 miles of Greenwood.

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