A Quick Look At North Garden In Virginia

North Garden is a little-known area in Virginia that is also an unincorporated community. It is located 10.5 miles to the southwest of Charlottesville. Although it is unincorporated, there is a post office that serves the residents of the area.

Population and Income

The population of North Garden, according to Point 2 Homes, stands at 1,974 (972 male and 1001 female). The median age is 44.18 years. According to Trulia, the median income for North Garden residents is $58,554 and 38% of the population is college educated. Interestingly, 72% of houses in North Garden are owner-occupied.

Points of Interest

A visit to North Garden is a great opportunity to enjoy the natural environment away from the noise and busyness of the city.

The only historic home located in North Garden that appears on the National Register of Historic Places is Cocke’s Mill House and Mill Site. The foundations of Cocke’s Mill were laid in 1792 and then completed much later. This mill was used well into the 1930s, but was later burned in the 1940s. In 1820, a stone cottage was built and another addition built in 1989.

To make the trip even more interesting, visit Vintage Virginia Apples. It is a family owned orchard where rare tree fruits are grown, and is a fine destination for cider lovers. They specialize in making ciders of a unique blend. A tasting room is located in North Garden, and visitors are encouraged to tantalize their taste buds with the rich flavors of Virginia. From here, wine lovers can take a tour of the wineries in the surrounding areas of Albemarle County.

In Charlottesville, there are up to 21 vineyards and wineries to visit. Monticello Wine Trail, for example, has 30 member wineries in the area referred to as the Monticello American Viticultural Area. All these wineries are proudly associated with Thomas Jefferson and his vision of creating outstanding wines.

To discover more about Thomas Jefferson’s dream to create native wine in Virginia, visit the Jefferson Vineyards. These were established in 1774 when the initial planting was done. This venture was interrupted by the Revolutionary War, but resumed in 1981. A visit to these vineyards will not only result in an excellent wine tour, it will provide an opportunity to learn about the history of Virginia and its participation in the story of winemaking in America.

You can visit these and more wineries and vineyards around North Garden. Contact Camryn Wine Tours for the best wine tour limo service in North Garden, VA.

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