Journey Through The Historic Town Of Scottsville

One of the little-known towns in Albemarle County of Virginia is Scottsville. It is also considered to be part of Fluvanna County. Scottsville is located approximately 19 miles south of Charlottesville and constitutes a part of the Charlottesville Metropolitan Statistical Area, along with several other areas. Scottsville covers an area of 1.5 square miles and is very close to the James River.


During the 1700s, Scottsville acted as a center of government and commerce, at the extreme west end of Virginia. This was when the main means of transport was through rivers, and so James River was a crucial feature for the area. Due to the difficulties experienced in water transport, a canal known as the James River and Kanahwa Canal was built. It was constructed parallel to the James west with the aim of connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Ohio River, but was outdone by the efficient railroads that came later. Scottsville became a busy town after the railroad was constructed, but reverted back to its more traditional nature when the train stopped working.

Historical Figures

Thomas Staples Martin was born in Scottsville in 1847. He served as a military man in the Confederate Army. Afterwards, he started to practice law and became the representative of Virginia in the US Senate as a Democrat.

Population and Income

According to the 2010 census, Scottsville had a population of 556 with a median age of 40 years. It was also found to have 256 households, with 145 families living there. The median household income during the census was $30,903. Data USA gives more recent statistics, indicating that the population had dropped slightly to 546 in 2015, and the median age 42.4 years. The median household income according to Data USA in 2015 had grown to $43,306.

Places of Interest

There are several places in Scottsville that are of historical significance; one of them is Scottsville Historic District. It has a total of 158 features including buildings, sites and contributing structures. They are constructed in some of the most popular architectural designs of the time, such as Gregorian and Greek Revival among others. Scottsville Historic district is listed in the US National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

Cliffside is another historical home to visit in Scottsville. It acted as the headquarters for General Philip Sheridan throughout the American Civil War.

There are several wineries and vineyards around Scottsville, including Thistle Gate Vineyard, which is family-owned and known for its hospitability.  There is a tasting room for those that would love to try the different types of wine available in the area. It also has facilities for a family outing, including picnic areas and gardens.

Other wineries can also be found in the surrounding area of Charlottesville, such as Michael Shaps Winery, which is 7.1 miles away from Scottsville.

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